Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Semi Casting

First Time we manufacturing  Mica & Ceramic upgrade aluminum semi-casting in 8 To 10 mm profile. These aluminum casting Heaters have been proved to save heating time of the barrels thus save energy and ultimately save money. These heaters have very long life with ultimate energy saving. We have tested it in Hundreds of factories and every client has passed it with flying colours. Aluminum casting heater have a faster heat up time than conventional mica and ceramic heaters .They usually take 25% less time to heat up the machine. Thus they save electricity and time. The surface temperature for mica and ceramic band heaters is about 120-150 degree and in case of aluminum casting heaters it is 90 degree ultimately led to cooler environment and save energy. Aluminum is known as the best conductor of heat so no amount of heat is being wasted unlike in band heaters where ceramic insulators absorbs a large amount of heat and waste energy. Metal to metal heat transfer results in the faster heating of barrel again saving time and energy.

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